Concept and design for a meeting- conference- and exhibition space

Date: February – October 2017

Location: Neu-Ulm, Germany

Organization: Hahn 15 atelier

Client: Onkozert GmbH, Neu-Ulm

Role: Developing utilization concept, space design, graphic design, realization of provisional space

Project Team: Petra Schmitt

Collaborators: Sebastian Neubig & Jochen Menes (carpenters)

Partners: Zwo P architects: Erik Kretzinger

WunschKonzert is a meeting space, developed in commission by the company Onkozert in Neu-Ulm, an institute for certification of medical treatments. Beginning with over 700 sqm of free space and a raw idea, the company envisioned a special environment for internal and external meetings to maintain their professional networks and to cherish their passion for art and culture. In close dialogue with the company’s executive office and supported by the know-how of the architecture studio Zwo P, we created a utilization concept and room design. A bar, an exhibition space and conference rooms enable a variable use from internal gatherings to conferences and public events. The location dedicated to the theme of innovation and progress. Through exhibitions, events or new formats, the space is intended to serve as a platform for innovative approaches in different areas from the company’s field of practice to science, art and design. As a fist step of realization, we turned our design into a provisional installation, that was used by Onkozert as a test setting for different events.

WunschKonzert is a variable space that is dedicated to innovation and progress in different areas from science to art and culture.