Artistic research in response to multiple crises

Date: Upcoming 2024

Location: Hannover, Germany

Organization: TANKE e.V., project space

Role: Initiator, curator, space design

Project Team: Sofia Baronner (curator, head of TANKE e.V.), Simon Schirmer (curator, graphic design, space design), Lucia Schoppenhorst (curator, space design), Sarah Nicola (curator, space design), Josephine Altmeyer (curator), Endric Merker (curator, IT, organization)

Collaborators: City of Hannover, Zeitzentrum Zivilcourage, department of urban planning, Platz Projekt, Hannover

Supporters: Stadt Hannover, Region Hannover, Stiftung Leben und Umwelt

The year-long project ‘Home Repair’ is inspired by Richard Powers’ novel ‘The Overstory’, which addresses environmental protection and activism in multi-dimensional ways. We take up this theme and examine the challenges of living together in times of multiple crises from interdisciplinary perspectives – both in an ecological and social context. We use the term ‘Home’ as a metaphor to establish new approaches to the current societal discourse. ‘Repair’ is understood by us as a low-threshold entry into action, as self-empowerment to generate positive dynamics. The aim is to think and create positive visions through encounters with art. We seek for new perspectives through artistic research, knowledge creation through artistic practice. Beyond traditional exhibition formats, we pursue an open approach with workshops, excursions and lecture performances. For the project, we transform the exhibition space of TANKE e.V. into an open, modular room as a platform for exchange and encounter. Additionally, we involve local partner organizations as well as public spaces. Our core questions are: What does it mean for us to live in a damaged home? What can be repaired and what can we do ourselves? How can we learn from approaches outside Western perspectives and anthropocentric worldviews?

Experimenting, exchanging and learning through artistic practice

Suna Mathilde Yoo (Weimar / Hamburg) explores what it feels like to be in the shell of insects and other living beings. The artist aims to establish kin and demonstrage solidarity and awareness for our non-human relatives. Armor, mimicry, and detachable body parts may not only change our self-perception and the experience of our surroundings, they may also help us understand and approach new challenges. The body extensions that Suna creates provide protection and create attention, for example during demonstrations, when advocating for the preservation of natural habitats. In a workshop with Suna, we design and build our own antennas, wings, shields, etc. We wear our new extended body parts on the occasion of the European Climate Strike demonstration that coincides with the opening of the project.

threat threats, Suna Yoo


The series will continue soon with contributions by
Franziska Klose
Julia Mensch
Jonas Kakó
Vojtech Liebl
Heike Bröckerhoff und das Team um das „Sargasso Sea“ Projekt